sls video camera

Click on each one to view the video footage!

Jack My Office Ghost

Jack is a ghost that visits me at my office. I work in an old mental hospital. My office was where the criminally insane were held. Jack likes to let his presence be known to myself and many other coworkers. Here he shows up on the SLS Video Camera, the K2 meter, and the EMF meter, all at the same time.

Greensboro Investigation


I worked with a Paranormal Investigation group on a Paranormal Investigation at a Private home. There was so much activity at this home, it was amazing! The home owner died in the home and hung out with our team during the investigation. The daughter of this man said it figure in the video had her father's mannerisms.

Heather 's House

Heather is a friend who owns a house that is over 100 years old. This house has many portals for ghosts to enter and leave from the other side. Heather has a ghost named Henry that is her protector. However, you never know how many other ghosts you might meet on a trip to Heather's house.

My Sister

My sister lost her mother-in-law recently. Her husband has been having vivid dreams about his deceased mother trying to reach out to him. He began to feel uneasy going into his mother's home alone. My sister asked me to go with her into the house and try to make contact with her mother-in-law. My sister did make an emotional contact with her mother-in-law.