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Shadow People Caught on Camera During Investigation in Apex, NC

I was asked to come to a home in Apex, NC to determine if there were any spirits in a couple’s home. As I walked up to the home, a buzzing began in my ears. The husband answered the door and invited me inside. When I was introduced to the wife, I picked up a female spirit that was attached to her. We sat around the kitchen table to discuss what would take place in my investigation. The female spirit that was attached to the wife, let me know she was her grandmother. I asked for some “validation” from the spirit. What I call “validation” is some information that only the spirit’s loved one would know. The female spirit told me to tell the wife that she had problems with her eyes. The wife stated that her grandmother was very close to her in life. The wife stated that her grandmother began to have severe eye problems, but was too scared to have surgery to fix them. I told the wife that her grandmother was with her as a guardian angel and to not be afraid.

I explained to the couple that I had brought my SLS Camera, K2 meter, and EMF meter. My SLS camera picks up kinetic energy and can map out human and spirit kinetic energy and will display it on the screen as a stick person. The EMF and K2 meters pick up the electromagnetic fields that are present.

The couple described that they constantly hear noises and knocking. The husband described seeing things dart in and out of the corner of his eyes. His description was what we would call “shadow people”.

I began my investigation with my equipment and the couple. I carried the SLS camera and the husband carried the K2 meter and the wife the EMF meter. While in one of the bedrooms, the meters picked up some random energy. This seemed to be a “vortex” where spirits can enter and leave from this realm. In the kitchen, the SLS camera picked up a shadow person that stood on the kitchen table. Shadow people are usually 3 - 4 feet high. I asked the wife to talk to the shadow person and tell it that it needed to leave. As the wife told the shadow person to leave, the husband and I observed the person disappear from the screen. I explained that they should not be afraid of these shadow people, but just talk to them and take charge of their home.

I found a strong energy field in the upstairs hallway. I also found 2 more shadow persons in different rooms. The husband was in a room by himself with the K2 meter. He came back into the room I was in quite startled. He said that he saw this light run towards him and up his arm and then it disappeared. He said while it was running at him, the K2 meter was blinking. He said that when it ran up his arm, he felt a distinct tingling in that arm.

As the 3 of us sat in the den talking, the room temperature began to decrease. As it did, several hard knocks began (5-6 at a time). Throughout the 45 minutes we were sitting in the den, we heard several knocks in many different places.

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