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Residential Paranormal Investigation- Greensboro, NC

Updated: Jul 1, 2018

I tagged along on a paranormal investigation with a Paranormal group at a residence in Greensboro, NC. The home owner is an elderly lady that is plagued by voices, whispers, faces appearing on her den wall, an unwelcome male spirit that breaths on her neck while she is in the bathroom, and nighttime visitors that pull the covers off her legs and poke her while she sleeps.

As soon as I arrived, I felt a male spirit watching me through the woods. I soon picked up that he was a Native American spirit that had always been there as a guardian of the land. When I entered the home, I connected with a male spirit that let me know he was the deceased husband of the home owner and he had died in the home. He was there now as a protector of his wife. As we were there, something audibly growled at us twice, with no equipment set up.

The homeowner validated the Native American I had encountered in the driveway. She stated that periodically that she would see the image of a Native American man appear on her den wall. The home owner validated that her husband did pass away in the home and that she feels his presence.

I used my SLS Camera and was able to show the deceased home owner's spirit sitting in a chair with the spirit of a dog beside him. The dog, on command climbed up an Investigator's arm and gave affection. I captured an EVP of a dog barking, but it was verified that there were no dogs present.

The evidence is still being reviewed and I hope we brought some clarification as well as resolution for this home owner....

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