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My Dad Finally Came

Updated: Nov 28, 2018

My dad passed away in 2004. I miss him so. We were very close. With all my paranormal abilities and all the loved ones I have connected other people with, sadly, I do not seem to ever connect with my dad. He is the one person I would give anything to connect with.

My mom has never been one to believe in the paranormal. She is very devoted to her Baptist belief. It took me years to confide in her that I even had these abilities. To my surprise....she did not shut me out. She currently lives in the home I grew up in. This is the place that my dad took his last breath. I often go there and try to draw his spirit to me, but he never comes.

Lately, my mom has come to me and told me that strange things have been happening in her home. Several times she has been laying in her bed, reading, when she feels someone staring at her. She would look up to see my dad standing in her bedroom door, smiling at her. After a few seconds he just fades away. This has startled her and I have tried to reassure her that he is just missing her. She said that a few times, she has been awakened to smelling smoke. She says that in the dim light of the nightlight she can see the smoke. This frightens her and she jumps out of bed thinking her house is on fire. When she turns on the light, the smoke is gone. My dad was a heavy smoker. I feel this is another way of trying to reach out to her and let her know he is there.

This past Thanksgiving, I prepared a meal for my family at my mom's house. It was very cozy and felt reminiscent of Thanksgivings long ago when my dad was alive. My siblings were there, my children, and some friends. I was finishing up the last of the cooking. The others were scattered throughout the house in little groups talking and laughing. I was standing at the kitchen sink preparing some food. I began to feel a comfort. It is hard to describe, but it was as if this comfort was engulfing me from my head to my toes. I remember closing my eyes briefly and just enjoying this strange sensation. Then I felt like my brain was trying to focus on something and was not paying attention to what my hands were doing. I opened my eyes and began to see a white mist out of the corner of my eye forming beside me. I do not know why I did not look at it directly, but it was like I was mesmerized. My brain was trying to register what was taking place. The white mist became very bright, just like snow does under the moonlight when the world is all quiet and bright (even though it is night). The rest of the world faded away and I just stood there feeling this presence. Slowly, I began to know that it was my dad. It was as if he was there with us, sharing in this family moment. For a moment, that hole in my heart that was created when he passed away, felt whole again. Then before I knew it, the mist and the presence faded away. I remember feeling like he left again and began to miss him once more. I did not tell anyone of my experience. That feeling was amazing and I hope someday I can feel him again.

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