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Moonlight Visitor

I love it when the most skeptic people are challenged by the paranormal !! My husband happens to be one of the biggest skeptics. His 30 year career in law enforcement crushed his opened minded nature and replaced it with a"Just the Facts" kind of nature. That is why I love it when the paranormal stretches out its hand and taps a skeptic right between the eyes! Tap! Tap! Tap! Sometimes even the tapping does not make a difference and the paranormal must use both hands to shake the skeptic into total confusion and disbelief. Yummy!

We have one child still living at home. All the rest have sprouted their wings and have flown to their new destination of adulthood. As you have read in previous blogs, my youngest is quite connected with the paranormal. I often wondered why she would have so much ability when my other children had some, or none. I thought about my paranormal abilities as a child and how unnoticeable they were. It was not until at least one of my near death experiences, that I finally began to see the true extent of my paranormal abilities. Why then did she possess such a strong connection at such a young age? Then it hit me....she had her near death experience at birth! She was born at 7 months, weighing only a pound, totally blue, and not breathing. Though I cannot emphatically prove that a near death experience enhances paranormal abilities, it has been my observation that it does.

With that said, my youngest daughter has experienced many things in her short years on this earth. One thing she has spoken about is the night visitor that occasionally comes into her room and sits on her bed at night. She told me about this last year. We have only been living in our current house since 2016. This spirit would occasionally sit on her bed and watch her sleep. She would feel the bed depress and hear it physically squeak. She stated that she would pretend to be asleep. The silent visitor would stay a few minutes and then she could feel it rise from the bed, the bed squeak again, and then hear feet shuffling as it left her room. Needless to say, we bought her a new bed that does not squeak! LOL!

The past week, my daughter has been staying with her grandmother in another town. She was on holiday from school and her grandmother had surgery. Being the thoughtful granddaughter she is....she stayed to look after her grandmother and be her nurse for the week. The week that she was gone became something of an interesting one. First, our small, happy, little dog became a nervous pacer. She would sit on my bed at night and growl at the door. Our dog, is usually a contented snuggler that rarely leaves my side when I am home. Then a few nights later, my dog began to stand and growl at my daughter's room. By midweek she had come unglued. We were perplexed as to why she was so upset with my daughter's empty room.

Then the noises began. At night, I began to hear furniture sliding in my daughter's room, even though she has carpet in her room. On inspection, nothing was out of place. When my husband came home, I would tell him stories of noises and our crazed dog. He laughed and told me to place a tape recorder in our daughter's room overnight to see if I could capture proof of this moonlight visitor. One night, my husband was still at work, and I was home alone with our dog. I was in the kitchen and this overwhelming feeling of being stared at came over me. I looked in the direction I felt the stare from and realized I was staring at my daughter's room. I started hearing noises and my dog lost her cool. I could feel a male staring at me intently. I finally went to my daughter's room and shut the door. My dog continued to growl.

I remembered what my husband had said and I put a tape recorder in my daughter's room and shut the door. I texted my husband about the night's events. Later that night, he arrived home. He went into my daughter's room and kind of dared any spirits present to make themselves known. Then he came to our bedroom. Later, when I reviewed the tape I could hear him speaking out loud to the spirits in her room. We spoke about it and I kind of got the impression he was half believing me and half thinking I had lost my mind. We finally turned in for the night.

The next day on the way to pick up our daughter from her grandmother's house, my skeptic husband shared with me a very interesting story. He said that during the night, he felt as if someone came and sat on the bed between us. He said the bed depressed between us to the point that he kept rolling towards the middle. Keep in mind our bed is huge and when my sleeping pill kicks in, I am oblivious to everything from my side of the bed!! He said he felt very awkward, but eventually what came to visit him, left.

"Ask and ye shall receive" ......I always say!

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