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Jack the Ghost

Jack is a ghost that haunts my office. I share an office with one other person. Both of us have had unique experiences together and separately with Jack. Other co-workers have also visited our office and had an experience with Jack.

One day, I decided to connect with Jack. I came in early, when no one was in the building. I brought my SLS Camera, EMF meter, and K2 meter. I set my SLS Camera up on my desk and then took some base line readings with both meters. I made sure to put my phone in airplane mode. On my desk, the EMF meter registered zero and there were no hits on my K2 meter. I placed both meters on the desk in front of the SLS Camera in the spot with no registered energy. I focused my SLS Camera on the empty chair against the wall. I began to ask Jack to come and chat with me. I told him to come sit in the chair across the room and talk to me. I began to feel the room air get thicker. I knew that there was a new energy manifesting. The K2 meter began to get a small hit at the same time the EMF meter spiked up to .30. I started speaking out loud to Jack. Suddenly a figure appeared in the empty seat on the SLS Camera. I began to ask questions and getting responses on both meters. Jack sat in the chair tapping his hand on the arm of the chair with his legs crossed like a man.

Then I asked Jack to touch my hand. I told him I would place my and on the desk beside the meters and he could touch my hand and I would see it, because his energy would be picked up on the meters. When I placed my hand on the desk, I began to feel a tingling in my hand and arm. The K2 meter went all the way to red and the EMF meter went to a 2.44!! If you are unaware, an EMF meter normally only picks up a .50 on a breaker box. 2.44 is unheard of! A few minutes later, I felt the energy in the room return to normal. The meters stopped picking up anything and the figure in the chair disappeared. Thanks Jack for being a cool ghost! Check out my evidence tab on my website for the full video!!

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