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Jack’s Hurricane Named Flo

Those of you that read my blog know that Jack is a ghost that hangs out in my office at work. I work in an old mental facility. The building I am is where they kept the criminally insane. For the last 2 days, Jack has really been trying to get my attention. Yesterday, there were 2 other workers in my office and one of them heard a dripping noise. The noise sounded like a single drop of water falling from the ceiling onto a plastic chair. Now this is no ordinary chair! This is the chair Jack has declared as “His” chair! The Drip, Drip, Drip continued until we all heard it. We never found the water, nor the dripping source. Then it eventually stopped. We all joked and laughed if Jack was trying to warn us of the pending doom of Hurricane Florence that was about to hit the State of NC.

The next day, I was alone in my office working at my computer. I was startled by the paperclip that was thrown from my desk to the empty desk behind me that no one was at. It was very unnerving.

Well whatever Jack is trying to tell me, I hope he puts some good words in for us to keep me and my family safe.

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