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Getting My Attention At A Price

Sometimes spirits just want my attention. Here I was, sound asleep in my bed. The night was quiet and my room was completely dark. With absolutely no light at all, is how I always sleep. Around 4:00 A.M., I was jolted awake by an unseen hand around my ankle. It was jerking my foot, over and over, with a lot of force. My mind tried to wake up and register what was happening. Then I realized, I am awake now, and this is still happening! With the room completely black, I could not see what was yanking my foot. I jumped out of my bed and onto the floor in the darkness. I knew the doorway was a few feet in front of me. Half asleep and with pure panic, I dashed through the doorway in the dark. I sprinted with such force, that my arm nearly took the door of the hinges! It left me with a nasty bruise bigger than the width of my hand. Whatever is was, it got my attention, but at a very painful cost.

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