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Devil's Tramping Ground-Paranormal Connection

Updated: Jul 1, 2018

The Devil’s Tramping Ground is a location in Chatham County, North Carolina. It has been around since the turn of the century. Folklore says the devil walks around in a circle there and no grass will grow in a perfect circle on the ground. My husband and I stopped there one day to see if I would pick up anything. I walked into the circle and felt nothing. I began to walk down the path leading away from the circle with my husband. Finally, I was stopped by an overwhelming, since of fear. My eyes began to tear up uncontrollably, even though I had no reason for tears. I began to see a scene of a woman from long ago, maybe 1800's that was chased and beaten, raped, and murdered. This feeling became so overpowering that I told my husband we had to leave and leave immediately. I decided to do some research into this area, but I found nothing. I asked my husband to research, he found nothing. I asked several friends to research and they found nothing. Finally, A friend Phyllis A. McCubbin sent me this article last night......... .

This tells the story of the female spirit that I connected with that day. Her spirit is still there and she wants people to know what happened to her.

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