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Being Watched

Have you ever sat at the computer in a room by yourself and felt that someone was watching you? Could you feel the hair on the back of your neck standing up? Did your heart begin to beat just a little faster? Were you brave enough to turn around to see what might be staring at you or did you keep typing as you pretend you were oblivious to being watched? Could you tell if it was a male or female? Did the nerves get to you and you burst from the room leaving the entity behind?

My husband had a similar experience the other day. He was alone in the "Peacock" room. This is a room in our house that is adorned with Peacocks and where I do my writing. Since my company is the Paranormal Peacock, LLC....of course I must have a room called the "Peacock" room.

My husband was sitting in the Peacock room the other day. He was completely alone in the house. He said he began to have this overwhelming sensation that someone was in the room with him. He looked around to find the room empty. He began working on the computer again and once again he felt someone staring into the back of his head. His glance of the room, once again yielded an empty room. The intensity of the feeling of being watched continued. This is kind of funny to me, because my husband was a tough police officer for 30 years and he does not get unnerved easily. Finally, he went into my bag of ghost hunting equipment, grabbed a couple of gadgets, and made a feeble attempt to investigate the unmistakable entity invading his space.

My husband retired from law enforcement a year ago. He decided he just could not remain retired (felt he was just too young). He took a job as supervisor of security for the local hospital. I say all of this because in all the years we have been married, he has had so few paranormal experiences. He has been a true skeptic. Here lately, he is having more and more paranormal experiences. I am contributing this to his new job. One of his duties is to escort the corpses to and from the morgue.When people first die, their spirits are in a type of limbo around their body for up to a week. I feel he may be bringing home from work more than just a paycheck!!!

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