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A Not So Gentle Push

Mary Murkin and Lee invited me to a paranormal investigation at Brightside Gallery in Asheboro, NC. A small party of eager paranormal lovers that were novice to the "hunting" world. They each listened to Lee and methodically took a piece of paranormal equipment that they knew nothing about. The excitement was every where. Little did these newbies know, but I had set up my new toy I had built somewhere in a college dorm in Asia.This my friends was the Tesla Coil of all coils!! This magnificent piece of science sprang to life as its tentacles of electricity searched the air for a host to grab onto.See, the Tesla Coil creates electricity and charges the air. When the air is full of electricity and charged up, the ghost will come out and play!! I love it! The newbies followed Lee down into the dark scary basement. I was the last to arrive. I lingered on the stairs to take a reading. No one was around me, when some force slammed into my back and I was thrown off the stairs into the brick wall at the bottom of the stairs. It knocked the breath out of me, bruised my wrist, elbow, and knee. I soldiered on! We found readings where the EMF meter went up to 120 ! I did not know it could go that high! Using the SLS Camera, we had two male spirits sit down beside me and play cards. It was a very interesting night!! Lee used a ball in the middle of the room and we all set around in the dark. There was just enough light to faintly see the ball. Lee invited the ghost boy Evan, to play. The ball began to role in unique circle with no one near it.

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