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A Nighttime Visitor

Updated: Jul 29, 2018

The other night I had gone to bed. I heard in the darkness a clanking noise. I sat up in bed and asked my husband if he had heard the noise. He advised me that he had not heard a thing. I turned back over and closed my eyes. A few moments later I heard a slight knock on my bedroom door. Once again, I sat up in the dark, and asked my husband if he had heard the noise and once again he replied that he had heard nothing. Very frustrated, I turned over once more to try to fall asleep. I told my husband that I thought that since he could not hear anything, that it must be paranormal (since he has no paranormal abilities). He laughed and let me know that he is so intrigued with my abilities to make connections with people's loved ones that have passed on, that while he was laying there in the dark, he was secretly wishing he could reach out to his loved ones that had passed on. I scolded him and advised that this was not the time for his paranormal experiments. I closed my eyes and attempted to fall asleep once more! A few minutes later I felt the breath across my face (as if someone was whispering right in front of my face). I heard the word Paul. I jolted up and flipped on the light and demanded to know if he was still trying to draw in spirits. He nodded his head yes that he was still thinking about it. I told him that I had heard the name Paul, very clearly. He grinned and announced that he was actually calling to his grandfather just then....his grandfather Paul.

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