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A Ghostly Soldier

My husband and I were driving back from dinner. We passed a church that I have passed a million times. It was close to 8:00 PM and there was no moon, so it was very dark. As the truck pulled by the church, movement caught my eye. In the front yard of the church, was a man, crawling towards the road. I only saw him for a few seconds. His hands slowly stretched out in a forward motion as to crawl another step. I screamed for my husband to stop, but the man disappeared. The next day, the image of this man consumed my every thought. My mind concentrated on every detail of what I had seen. The more I thought about thoughts seemed to sharpen the image. I could see his uniform. It looked like that of a Civil War soldier. His clothes were torn and tattered. Every time I played the image over in my head, his skin looked grayish, so he must have been in the shadows.

The next night, I asked my husband to ride with me, back to the church. I was astonished to find a bright street light, illuminating the exact area that I had seen the soldier in. How could this be? Then I realized that his skin looked grayish like he had been near a fire or in gunfire. I had perceived this as being in the shadows. As we pulled into the parking lot of the church, a pressure began on the left side of my head. The air became thick and I found it harder to breathe. We pulled further into the parking lot and the pressure in my head went away and I could breathe easier. I told my husband to pull closer to the area that I had seen the ghost of the soldier at. As soon as we pulled closer, the pressure started and the air thickened. We sat there trying to figure out, why this was happening now. As I looked over to my left, I saw that there were about 30 trees that had been recently cut down. This must be disturbing the land. I am excited to do research on this area, in regards to the Civil War!

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