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A Bump in the Night

They say that spirits are made up of the same thing electricity is made of. Paranormal investigators have learned that a lot of electricity in the air attract spirits or can open “portals” where spirits can enter into our world. Some paranormal investigators bring things like a “Jacob’s Ladder” to try to draw spirits to the place they are investigating. A Jacob's ladder is a high voltage traveling arc that produces a continuous train of large sparks that rise upwards. The spark gap is formed by two vertical wires that gradually diverge from each other towards the top in a narrow V shape. It was named for t

he " ladder to heaven " described in the Bible.

The other night, there was a terrible lightning storm at my house. My family had all gathered in one room after dinner. Unexpected there was a large metal clanging that radiated throughout the house for about 15 to 20 seconds. We all jumped to our feet and ran out of the room to find the source of the loud noise. To our surprise, there was nothing to be found. We searched the house over and could not find anything that could have possibly made the noise. Finally, after a tiring search, my husband and I looked at each other and we both concluded that the noise must have been paranormal in origin. Did the lightening open a portal to the other side? Was that the almost “sonic boom” we heard? We never did find the source of the incredibly loud sound that came from inside our home that night.

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