Paranormal Evidence

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SLS Camera

An SLS Video Camera picks up Kinetic energy in people and ghosts. Like in the picture above, that is a ghost picked up sitting in a chair.

Paranormal Pictures

Sometimes a ghost can be captured in a photograph. It can capture a shadow or a full apparition. 


Electronic Voice Phenomenon is the voices of ghosts that the human ear cannot detect caught on a digital voice recorder.


I wrote a column in a magazine that talked about my paranormal journey and some of my paranormal investigations.


Orbs are balls of energy that a ghosts uses to manifest into our world. They can be small white or colored balls of light.They can be seen with the naked eye or picked up in pictures.

Ghost Box

A ghost box is a communication tool that creates white noise and and scans AM/FM waves where ghosts are able to manipulate to create words and even entire sentences.

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