Paranormal Peacock


I have always known that I

had paranormal abilities. I was in a near death experience as a teenager when I was in a car accident. As I came in and out of consciousness for several weeks in the ICU, I feel that I skimmed the surface of the otherside. My paranormal abilities seemed to increase after my near fatal wreck. 

Then in 2005, I had another near death eperience when I had a small stroke giving

birth to my daughter, who

also has paranormal abilities. This increased my abilities 

even more!

The othreside communicates with me wherever I go. I have been on many Paranormal Investigations, assisted multiple Paranormal groups, written a Paranormal Column, held Paranormal Lectures, and asssited law enforcement with missing persons, as well as a missing aircraft.

I love to investigate with my husband and daughter

to learn more about the paranormal and I hope

to help others with their

paranormal journey....




My husband is my partner in our company

Paranormal Peacock, LLC.

He has no parnormal abilities, but has developed a deep love for all things parnormal.

He served in the Marine Corps for 6 years. After the military, he devoted 3 decades of his career to law enforcement.

He retired in 2017 as

Chief of Probabtion for the State of North Carolina.

He brings to every investigation, integrity and a healthy skepticism. 

Together we hope to learn more about spirits and the unknown with each new paranormal journey...

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